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Being gay SUCKS right now...

So, I am definitley still single. And now that I have realized that I will be single forever...I have basically stopped looking. People wonder who I really am, and it's really none of their business. I am not going to "school" so that people I have never met before going there can judge based on what they think they know. I am actually there for my own selfish reason of wanting a slightly better education. I had what I guess you could call a sudo-relationship. It turns out that he didn't really want me while my friend was still at the "school". After he's gone, though, is a different story. Don't think I want that in my life, thanks for thinking of MY feelings though.

To Be or Not To Be...is that the question?

So, lately i have been feeling like im alone, and i hate it...its sucks so completely that sometimes i walk around center like a zombie...

nothing much else to say - excpet that i still am at "school" and i hate it. LOL - oh well...

its nine o'clock, and curfew is in an hour...going to try to enjoy the rest of my night...Talk 2 You all l8r!

Why?? i just wanna know...

so, i'm still at school, with Valentine's Day gone already, and I wonder: "Why am I here, and why and I single?" Well, I answered one, the first half. The thing that still bugs me is the "Why am I still single?" part. I can't think of any reason why I should be single, yet here I am, no boyfriend. The part that bugs me even more? I have nobody to talk to about it. Sure, some people around here know I'm gay, but they don't wanna sit here and talk to me about my life, and my love life. So, I internalize everything until I just sit around all day and do nothing, because there's no point. Nobody left to impress, nobody left to talk to, so i'll sit on my ass and do nothing until I have to go eat, go to class, or whatnot. IDK - someone, please help me!!

I HATE valentine's day...

Yes, I know that Valentine's Day is over, but every year on Valentine's Day I can't help but to think about how many years I've been single...it always gets me. I've been single every year on Valentine's Day, NO EXCEPTIIONS...Oh well

Not Now...

I just don't understand how love works... it just sucks. I mean, why does EVERYONE have to break my heart? It isn't fair - and on top of it, I am restricted as to the websites I can view, because here at my school, they block EVERYTHING...it fucking blows chunks.

well, I'm sure that there's nobody reading this, so it doesn't matter anyway. i mean, who wants to hear the rantings of a 20 year old anyway.


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